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Die Sims 3

Electronic Arts
PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, NDS, iPOD
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Die Sims 3 Patch

Download: Die Sims 3 - Patch V1.24.3

664,1 MB | TS3_1.24.3.0120xx_update.exe

An dieser Stelle bieten wir Dir alle wichtigen Informationen zur Patch Die Sims 3. Du kannst Dich zum Beispiel darüber informieren, wie oft die Patch Die Sims 3 bereits von anderen Usern heruntergeladen wurde.

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Die Sims 3 - Patch V1.24.3 8,5 2

Der Patch gilt für alle Versionen von Die Sims 3. Folgende Änderungen kamen in der letzten Aktualisierung hinzu:

Generations Updates

  • * Baby Sims will no longer become stuck on a Sims hand while driving a car.
  • * Imaginary Friends who have been made real will now keep their unique outfit when aging up.
  • * Bunk Bed drop shadows will no longer shift places when a Sim climbs into one.
  • * Sims will now react to another Sim "Showing Off" a skill they learned at an afterschool class or club.
  • * The "Catch all Type of Fishes" memory will no long appear before the action has been completed.
  • * The screenshot for the "Enjoyed WooHoo in a Tree House" memory will no longer clip with the Tree House.
  • * Incorrect placement slots on the Loft Bed that show as valid locations have been removed.
  • * The "Temporarily Undead" moodlet will now correctly state what caused it when the Ghost Potion has been thrown at a Sims feet.
  • * Sims will no longer be spammed with Field Trip opportunities.
  • * Elder Sims will no longer reset when loading a Save Game that has them in the Harass with Cane interaction.
  • * Sims can now learn their Imaginary Friends traits much easier when they are turned into a live Sim.
  • * An issue where Gems and Metals in a Sims inventory became unusable once Generations was installed has been resolved.
  • * The footprint of a Daycare child will no longer be permanently left on the lot when the Active Household is changed.
  • * Babies and Toddlers will no longer go into a frozen state when a Social Worker comes to take them while they are being pushed in strollers.
  • * The wish to "Ride a Spring Rider" will no longer always appear after the interaction to ride a spring rider has been canceled.
  • * Shopping menus will no longer appear while inside of Camera Man Mode.
  • * The Imaginary Friend doll can no longer be buried in Sandboxes to prevent the Sim from losing it forever.
  • * Sims can now complete a Poltergeist Haunting job (Ambitions) if there is a Bunk or Loft Bed on the lot.
  • * Queued interactions while performing the Daycare Career will no longer be automatically canceled after putting a toddler down.
  • * Spiral Staircases can no longer be placed in areas that Sims cannot route to.
  • * Sims that have been turned into a Ghost will no longer receive an extra diploma.
  • * Sims can no longer have a negative amount of Memories in their Scrapbook.
  • * After purchasing a Bar (Late Night), Sims will no longer receive the "Bought a Bar" memory when purchasing any other type of property.
  • * The Motive Mobile will no longer be unintentionally used when returning from a Community Lot with a toddler, causing it to remain parked in front of the Sims home.
  • * The "Throw a Teen Party" wish will no longer appear while a Teen Party is already planned.
  • * Users can now select a Lifetime Wish for Teenagers who have aged up to Young Adults while away at Boarding School.
  • * Daycare children will no longer be abandoned on your Sims lot.
  • * Children now have the chance to be Scolded when performing "Dino Smash" on a doll house.
  • * Sims can no longer become stuck in Fences while in Camera Man Mode.
  • * Elder Sims who are arrested in the Criminal Career while using the Elder Cane will no longer become stuck.
  • * Ghost Sims will now remain floating when returning from Boarding School.
  • * Strollers will no longer disappear from a Sims inventory after leaving for a Free Vacation while pushing the stroller.
  • * Objects placed in a Sims inventory after they have accepted a "Free Vacation" opportunity will be restored when the Sim returns from vacation.
  • * The wish to "Attend Prom" will no longer appear while a Sim is attending Prom.
  • * Issues with the cutout for Spiral Staircase when placed in a basement have been resolved.
  • * Sims can now select the "Leave Me Alone" interaction on Imaginary Friends while playing in Bridgeport (Late Night).
  • * The "Give Gift" interaction on a computer will no longer be banned for Sims who have had their computer privileges revoked.
  • * Sims who are under the influence of the Ghost Potion will now be able to use Subways (Late Night).
  • * Potions that a Sim has already learned how to create will now be available on Chemistry Tables when placed in Vacation Worlds.
  • * Sims using a stroller can no longer become stuck if a user alters the terrain in Build/Buy Mode while the Sim and stroller are routing.
  • * Sims can now interact with objects inside a Bar (Late Night) after the venue has closed during a Bachelor/ette Party.
  • * A Sims route path will no longer become broken when moving a Spiral Staircase while a Sim is in motion.
  • * Butlers (Late Night) will no longer become stuck in the sidewalk after canceling the Learn to Drive interaction with him.
  • * Players will no longer be spammed by the "Go for a stroll using the Stroller" wish.
  • * The Imaginary Friend can no longer lose their unique outfit when the game is saved and loaded while the Imaginary Friend is being turned real.
  • * Unplayable states where Adults die when children are away at Boarding School have been resolved.
  • * The Guest List will no longer become blocked after adding kids and children and then changing the party type to Bachelor/ette Party.
  • * The "Plan Outfit" interaction will no longer break the functionality of the Costume Chest.
  • * Sims who die while under the influence of the Ghost Potion will now properly appear as a Ghost after dying.
  • * The household size limit can no longer be exceeded by using Clone Vouchers.
  • * Hopscotch Courts will no longer lose functionality when a Sim who has motive stress plays hopscotch with another Sim.
  • * Videos created with the Video Camera on vacation worlds can now be replayed when returning to the home world.
  • * The Scold interaction will now only be performed once when having two adults in the same room where a Child Sim is setting a booby trap.
  • * Bar speakers will now be turned off when Party Dancers begin dancing at a Bar (Late Night) during a Bachelor/ette Party.
  • * The Graduate interaction on City Hall will now be available when loading a game that was saved on the day a Sim was supposed to graduate.
  • * The "Make Radical Reparum Potion" wish will no longer reappear right after fulfilling it.
  • * Sims who are on fire will no longer be forced to attend graduation before they can put themselves out.
  • * Sims enrolled in the Daycare profession will now autonomously take better care of children while at work.
  • * An issue that causes a Sims plumbob to be temporarily displayed at the exit of a Tree House has been remedied.
  • * A scroll bar will now appear when text in the Capture This Moment window exceeds the size of the window.
  • * The Imaginary Friend outfit for the Child aged Imaginary Friend will now work correctly with Create a Style.
  • * Sims who are in Boarding School when Generations is uninstalled will no longer be removed from the household when loading the saved game.
  • * Sims will now route properly to the location when selecting the "Visit lot with Date" interaction.
  • * An issue where Elevators (Late Night) become unusable when an Imaginary Friend turns to doll form inside of them has been resolved.
  • * Children will no longer play a broken animation when rejecting an opportunity over the phone.
  • * Children and Teens can no longer die from motive failure while on a Time Out.
  • * An issue where NPC Sims using a Tree House would prevent player controlled Sims from using it has been fixed.
  • * The Repoman can no longer repossess Spiral Staircases.
  • * Castle Bunk and Loft beds now match the preset thumbnail images in Buy Mode.
  • * Sims who are enrolled in Boarding School just before an Adult Sim accepts a Free Vacation opportunity will no longer be removed from the game.
  • * The Imaginary Friend will no longer be removed from the game after using the ResetSim cheat on it.
  • * The Erase Tool will now appear correctly when entering the Terrain Paints section of Build Mode and filtering it to an EP or SP with no terrain content.
  • * The Brush Shape in Build Mode will no longer freeze after having filtered to an EP or SP with no content in the current tab.
  • * The Launcher Help Files will now display properly when Firefox or Chrome is set as the default browser.
  • * Fixes an issue where Sims would be unintentionally removed from Boarding School when the Prom of another Sim began.
  • * Fixes an issue where the game crashes after deleting a Fish Tank which has been placed on a foundation.
  • * Fixes a crash issue that occurs when a Sim practices making drinks with an Imaginary Friend.
  • * Fixes an issue where the "Return to Owner" interaction would not work properly when trying to return a stolen item through the mailbox.
  • * Fixes an issue where a Sim resets when attempting to play Hopscotch with an Imaginary Friend Doll.
  • * Fixes a crash issue that occurs when Platforms are placed on a lot after filtering Build Mode content to any EP or SP.
  • * Various fixes to Daycare and the Imaginary Friend involving the Edit Town mode.
  • * Various fixes to Children Sims not showing up correctly or staying too long at Daycare.
  • * Mac Only: Toilets will no longer overflow when switching between floors of a house after the toilet has been booby trapped.
  • * Mac Only: Fixes a crash issue that occurs when opening the Options Menu after playing the game for a while.
  • * Mac Only: Fixes a crash issue that occurs when opening the Scrapbook after playing the game for a while.
  • * Mac Only: Fixes a crash issue that occurs when clicking the "Share Memories" button after playing the game for a while.
  • * Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features

Late Night Updates

  • * Vampires fangs have been restored.
  • * Objects with interactions will now work properly when placed on Sectional Seating tables.
  • * Corner Sectional Seats on lots in the Edit Town bin will now work properly when placed in a world.
  • * Children Sims will now correctly participate when "Ask to Join: Go for a Joy Ride" is selected on Sectional Seating.
  • * Fixes an issue where glass objects flicker when Advanced Rendering is turned on.

Ambitions Updates

  • * Laundromat Venues can now be purchased through the Real Estate menu.

World Adventures Updates

  • * Sand Piles and Tomb decor will no longer be visible in an unexplored tomb.
  • * An issue that broke functionality for Nectar Bottles and Nectar Racks has been resolved.
  • * Photos taken with cameras from World Adventures will now be properly saved to the inventory.
  • * Objects placed in a Sims Family Inventory will no longer disappear when returning from a Vacation world.

Base Game Updates

  • * Fences that were designed to be transparent will no longer be opaque when Advanced Rendering is turned off.
  • * The Downloads Dashboard will no longer ask you to log in after already being logged in.
  • * Children will no longer float when sitting on certain fountain sculptures.
  • * Bookshelves in Library venues will correctly stock books when the venue is placed from the Edit Town bin.
  • * Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features


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